About Sam 

A business coach to help you create the life of your dreams!

My Story

I remember the day I got let go from my $100K/year job.

My boss came over to my desk and asked me to come to a conference room to work on a “project”.

When I asked if I needed to bring anything, he said no (red flag #1).

I followed him down the hallway to the HR area of the building.

At that point, my heart was pounding. I knew whatever it was wasn’t going to be good.

When we got to the conference room, an HR exec was sitting with a severance package in front of her.⠀

My boss looked at me and said, “We’re eliminating your position.”⠀

And do you know what the first thought in my mind was?

It wasn’t “I don’t know what I’m going to do.”

It wasn’t “How could this happen?”

And it wasn’t “What did I do to deserve this?”

It was, “Thank God!”

For months leading up to the termination, I can only describe a feeling of constant dread.

I was absolutely miserable.

I cried all the time.

I wanted NOTHING more than going full-time on my own. But I only had 1 client that was paying me about $500 total.

But within 4 months of leaving my job, I was making the same monthly salary.

Now, I teach other women how to do the same.

I show them how to feel empowered and ready for the next step.

I prepare them for the life of entrepreneurship and how to be successful FROM DAY ONE.

Why Women?

I firmly believe that we need more women leaders in this world. I think that when females thrive, we as a society thrive. 

I also believe that women tend to hold themselves back. They feel that everything has to be “right” and they have to know everything before they can take the next step.

I want to help women break free from that idea. You DON’T have to know everything about the next step before you take it. You just have to take it.

But sometimes we hold ourselves back because of fear: fear of failure, fear of judgment, and even fear of success. 

I want to help you move past that fear to create an abundant life. 

Whether you’re just thinking about starting a business or you can't figure out how to grow the one you have, you're in the right place.

It’s time for YOU to create the life of your dreams. It's time for you to make money on YOUR terms.

I’ll be here every step of the way.


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